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Avery, Graham

Graham Avery is Secretary General of the Trans European Policy Studies Association. He is a Senior Member of St. Antony’s College, Oxford University and has been Fellow at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute, Florence, Practitioner Fellow of the Sussex European Institute, and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Natolin, Warsaw. Graham Avery is Honorary Director-General of the European Commission. His special interest lies in the question of the future borders of the European Union.

Selected Publications:

Avery, Graham; Cameron, Fraser, The Enlargement of the European Union, Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield, 1998; Avery, Graham, ‘The enlargement negotiations’, in: Cameron, Fraser, The Future of Europe: Enlargement and Integration, Routledge, London, 2004, p. 35-62; Avery, Graham; Batt, Judy, Balkans in Europe: why, when and how?, EPC Policy Brief, March 2007.
Position Secretary General
Area of expertise 1. EU enlargement
2. EU foreign policy
3. Institutional architecture of the European Union